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Furniture removalists move domestic and commercial furniture between different locations within the state or territory and nationwide. Activities may include examining the items to be moved, packing and labelling articles, FutureGrowthModerate loading goods and boxes into trucks and ensuring that they are completely secure, driving to and from locations, then unloading and unpacking items. They may also be required to keep an inventory of items, and maintain or clean their truck.

ANZSCO description: 733113: Drives a removal van or truck to move household and office furniture and equipment between locations. Registration or licensing is required.

Alternative names: Furniture Remover, Remover, Furniture Removalist Driver,

Specialisations: Commercial Removalist, Office Mover, Piano Removalist

Knowledge, skills and attributes

A furniture removalist needs:Furniture Removalist

  • to enjoy practical work

  • to be physically fit and able to lift heavy objects

  • to have a safe driving record

  • to have some mechanical aptitude

  • good communication skills.

Duties and Tasks

Furniture removalists may perform the following tasks:

  • inspect the house or office at the pick-up address to see what has to be moved, then pack and label items if required

  • load goods onto the truck either by hand, or by using a forklift, trolleys, lifting straps or lifting hooks

  • use pads and pieces of hessian to make sure items such as fridges, couches and beds are not damaged

  • make sure the load is correctly placed and secured to avoid any damage to the truck or to the goods

  • drive defensively and handle all types of road conditions

  • unload goods and move them into the drop-off address, unpacking if required

  • check larger items against inventory, noting any wear and tear or damage

  • conduct a general maintenance check of the truck and clean the vehicle

  • provide customer service

  • manoeuvres vehicles into position for loading and unloading.
  • loads and unloads vehicles using lifting and tipping devices.
  • observes safety requirements when loading and unloading vehicles.
  • estimates weights to comply with load limitations and ensure safe distribution of weight.
  • ensures goods are stowed and securely covered to prevent loss and damage.
  • verifies loading documents, checks condition of goods and obtain certification of deliveries.


Furniture Removalist VanWorking conditions

Furniture removalists may work long hours and be away from home for extended periods, especially if they drive country or interstate. The work can involve lots of lifting.

Tools and technologies

Furniture removalists may need to be able to drive loading equipment such as forklifts, as well as large removal vans.

Education and training/entrance requirements

It is possible to work as a furniture removalist without any formal qualifications and get training on the job. You may improve your employment prospects if you complete a traineeship in furniture removal. The traineeship usually takes 24 months to complete.

​You must gain appropriate licences for driving vehicles and operating equipment.

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(Source: Interstate Removals)

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