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Bus drivers transport passengers over established or special routes and on chartered journeys or tours.

Bus drivers transport people to and from various locations in buses and coaches using established routes. They collect passengers at intervals along their route, and stop so that passengers can FutureGrowthModerate disembark at scheduled stops. They maintain radio contact with a base, control the lighting, temperature and ventilation of the bus, collect fares, issue change, and provide information to passengers about scheduled stops and destinations. Some bus drivers may also help passengers with their luggage, or use public address systems to issue important information to passengers.

ANZSCO description: Drives a bus to transport passengers short distances on scheduled intra-city services over established routes (registration or licensing is required).  Bus Driver

Alternative names: Coach Driver


Charter Services Driver
A charter services driver drives a group of people (for example, a community club) to a particular destination, where the bus is hired by the group for a fee and individual passengers do not pay fares to the driver.

Coach Tour Driver
A coach tour driver drives tour buses to tourist sites, or may provide long distance services between towns. Their tasks may include researching routes, planning food and toilet stops, providing a commentary on the history, culture and industry of particular locations, conducting inspections and performing minor maintenance of the coach.


School Services Driver
A school services driver transports school children to and from home/ school, collect fares or check that travel pass complies with the school route. School services drivers may be required to pass a national Working with Children Check prior to employment.

Tram Driver
A tram driver drives trams over established routes, to transport passengers on urban tramway systems. Their tasks may include operating controls to change the direction of a tram, negotiating traffic, advising passengers on routes and stops, and stopping at set locations to allow passengers to board and alight.

Bus drivers are required to wear uniforms and must be willing to work shifts. Contact with the public is an important part of the work.


Knowledge, skills and attributes

A bus driver needs:

  • a good sense of direction

  • the ability to work with people from a range of backgrounds

  • a friendly, courteous manner and helpful when dealing with the public

  • good driving skills and a knowledge of defensive driving techniques

  • good communication and people skills

  • able to pass a company or government medical examination that includes eyesight and colour vision tests

  • to be responsibile and honest.

Duties and Tasks

Bus drivers may perform the following tasks:

  • stop at designated locations to pick up or set down passengers

  • adhere to set bus timetables

  • open and close doors before and after passengers board or alight

  • control lighting, heating and ventilation on buses

  • collect fares, give change and issue tickets

  • advise passengers on destinations

  • use a public address system to provide information or tour commentaries to passengers.

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