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28 March 2019

Hi Frances

This resource is amazing.... it has SO many possibilities.
As a start, I'm going to use it extensively for the Year 10 Career Ed class I have with the students from our Support Unit, however, it certainly has wider applications.

Thanks for sharing it

8 April
I used it with my students from the Year 10 Support Unit class I have for career education and they found it easy to use and informative.

Christine Beasley
Careers Advisor
EVET & SBAT Coordinator
Bowral High School
W: http://www.bowralhighcareers.com/



19 March 2019

I wrote to Clare to get some advice as one of her videos which had disappeared off the Internet and I used this video in an activity. She replied...

Hi Frances,

Thanks for getting in touch and THANK YOU for profiling my work.

There are a few other videos available of me talking about my book or my work, but I’m not sure any will suit you as well as that MADE lecture. But just in case:







I hope this is useful to you.

You might also like to include a link on your website to my Radio national history series/podcast, Shooting the Past. I have been told by teachers that it makes a very good teaching device.


FYI, I am in the process of having a new website built as the old one is no longer fit for purpose.

Let me know if you need anything further.

Cheers, and thanks again.

Associate Professor Clare Wright
see Clare's profile here: Historian


We have added all these suggestions to Clare's profile.


27 November 2017

Hello Frances
Thank you, love your site. Going to use it extensively next year for a library unit with year5/6.
Have a wonderful holiday
Kind thoughts

Kirsty Roche
Teacher Librarian
McAuley Catholic Central School
Capper Street Tumut NSW 2720

22 June 2017

Hello Frances

What a pleasure, as always, to receive your newsletter [June 2017]. I always read it with interest.

Dr Rachael Jacobs
Lecturer in Creative Arts,
University of Western Sydney

20 June 2017

Thank you these [Newsletters] are very helpful.

Kind Regards

Naomi Gill
PDHPE Staff/ Careers and Senior Student Adviser
Trinity Catholic College, Goulburn

20 June 2017

The online resource is amazing. You have certainly put hours and hours of work into it. Can’t wait to get our kids to use it once it becomes an online Learning Destination [at Children's University]!! 

Cheers and all the best. 

Helen Wise
Assistant Principal, Learning Inclusion
Lake Windemere B-7 School
Salisbury North, Adelaide

1 August 2016

Hello everyone,  

Please find this wonderful resource that is free to use.

Should you have any questions please contact Frances directly.

Frances is very willing to assist anyone to use these resources.

If people are interested in attending a session with Frances, please email your interest directly to her and Cc me.

When there is enough interest Frances is willing to run a session after school hours at ACU Watson – this will include afternoon tea.

Kind regards

Karen L Murphy
Aboriginal Family Support Officer
Education Directorate, ACT Government


6 July 2016

Hi Frances,

I just wanted to write a quick note to explain the enjoyment and excitement that was felt from my Links to Learning students at Crookwell High School this term as they found the "On the Job" site and searched around. The group of year 8 girls were thrilled and inspired with one leaving wanting to become an engineer (she didn’t even know this job existed before this experience)

It is an easy to use and engage with site that provides many opportunities for students.

We appreciate your work and the development of this fantastic site.

Thanks for your great work
Kind Regards

Susan Fagan 
Links to Learning Program Facilitator


Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre 
Level 1, RSL Building, 251 Crawford Street
Queanbeyan NSW 2620

www.srbec.com.au / Ph. 02 6297 3121 


24 February 2015

Dear Frances,

How lovely to see you this morning! I hope the day has gone well!

 I just LOVE this website and am so pleased it is to be shared with teachers so that they can use it as a resource.

Louise Grant
St Mary’s Primary School,

To Love Is To Serve

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