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 On the Job Update April 2023

The Jobs

On the Job now has over 2750 job names listed with

* Job Information, from 5 – 15 career websites – mostly Australian
* Job Outlook symbols showing Future Outlook: “Decline, Static, Moderate, Strong, and Very Strong”.
We have concentrated on jobs of the future.
* Activities to be used in English, Maths, Science, PE and Humanities classes
* Links to YouTube videos for students to understand what happens in this job

All Activities

This icon indicates all the Activities within the website. This document is +135pages in length but you can use "Find" as with any other Word.docx

Every top job eg. the Dentist will have activities around that job indicated by the icon


on the left-hand size of their page.

Other jobs under the Dentist include:

Dental Assistant or Dental Nurse
Dental Hygienist
Dental Specialist
Dental Technician
Dental Therapist
Forensic Dentist/Forensic Odontologist

These jobs might or might not have a direct activity to that job.
Eg. the activity "George Washington's Teeth or Tooth! A new story..." can be related to the Dental Technician but all the other 4 activities are related to the Dentist:

Model of Teeth
Videos about visits to the Dentist inspired by Mr Bean
Let's test if there is "bitter truth about what sugar is doing to your teeth"!
Science, Strontium & the repatriation of ancestral Aboriginal remains


3 Jobs highlighted this month are: from the category: “Community & Health
NB. If there is the sign #TC on an activity, then The Conversation is the main stimulus material







 LiteracyPersonal and social capability
Critical & Creative


1. Slip, Slop, Slap - updating the message

2. Zits, Makeup, Chocolate, To squeeze or not to squeeze? Is this really a crime against the skin? #TC

MiddleHigh School

URL: https://onthejob.education/classhome_activities/community/dermatologist.htm


Drug & Alcohol Counsellor


Drug and Alcohol Counsellor



Critical & CreativePersonal and social capability


1. National Drug Strategy Household Survey Results

2. Vaping: how safe is it? The Chemistry

 High School


High School






URL: https://onthejob.education/classhome_activities/community/drug_alcohol_counsellor.htm


Emergency Medicine Specialist


Emergency Medicine Specialist


LiteracyPersonal and social capability

Numeracy   Ethical Understanding



1.  Inside a Hospital’s Trauma Unit: Decision Time! #TC

2. Explaining Tiger Woods’ injuries: Think Pair Share #TC





MiddleHigh School


URL:      https://onthejob.education/classhome_activities/community/emergency_medicine_specialist.htm


Life on the Job
There are over 185 “Life on the Job” people and their career stories. 
 This month, we are featuring

Meg Lanning


 In February 2023, Meg Lanning, Australian Cricket Captain, was hailed as "one of the greatest leaders not just in cricket, but in sport"
in the wake of Australia's epic sixth T20 World Cup triumph. She has surpassed Ricky Ponting for the most World Cup wins as captain.


Lesson StrategiesLesson Strategy highlighted this month

Mind Mapping

What a great way for teachers of History & Social Sciences, English, Science & Philosophy
to help develop critical and creative thinking skills & collaborative learning.

Go and see how this strategy can be implemented in a lesson with this lesson activity below. 





Bank Officer

Bank Officer


Critical & Creative Personal and social capability






1.  Credit Terms: A Mind Map


 MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary



URL: https://onthejob.education/classhome_activities/banking/bank_officer.htm


Full Job Listing
When you see this symbol – it will take you to the Full Job Listing  - updated each week.

 Elevator Operator
Going, going, gone
Jobs of Yesteryear

There are 40+ jobs listed here
A History Project?

What's New
Each week new jobs are added to the website. Keep up-to-date here

Children's University

On the Job is an Online Learning Destination for Australasia & Africa Children's University.
This page contains activities for students belonging to the University to complete.

Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Learning Activity
This icon has been added to all activities that incorporate Cooperative Learning Principles.

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