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 On the Job Update July 2021

The Jobs

On the Job now has over 1260 jobs listed with

* Job Information, from 5 – 15 career websites – mostly Australian
* Job Outlook symbols showing Future Outlook: “Decline, Static, Moderate, Strong, and Very Strong”.
We have concentrated on jobs of the future.
* Activities to be used in English, Maths, Science and Humanities classes
* Links to YouTube videos for students to understand what happens in this job


3 Jobs highlighted this month are: from the category: “Information, Media & Telecommunications






Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager



  Personal & Social CapabilityCritical & Creative

Numeracy Ethical



1. Social Media Apps - Your Rating

Primary Middle High School all



URL: https://onthejob.education/information_media_telecommunications/social_media_manager.htm






ICTCritical & Creative





1. Is Dewey working in your Library?

2. Celebrating a National Book Week Theme and Activities

3. Banning Books - Is this Ethical?

Primary Middle  


Primary Middle  



 High School 


URL: https://onthejob.education/information_media_telecommunications/librarian.htm






Personal & Social Capability Critical & Creative

Ethical Understanding


1. Research your family tree

2. Create a Memory Box

3. Research the History of your School

4. The Conversation: Why Germaine Greer's life in letters is one for the archives

5. Websites, Games & Apps

Primary Middle High School all


Primary Middle High School all

High School

Primary Middle High School all

URL:  https://onthejob.education/information_media_telecommunications/archivist.htm


Life on the Job
There are over 120 “Life on the Job” people and their career stories. 
 This month, we are featuring
Patty Mills and Ash Barty
Why? Patty is the first Indigenous Flagbearer for Australia at the Olympics and
Ash became the Wimbledon Champion


Read their stories
Patty Mills

Go and have a look at the activity:
Robot Basketball

Ash Barty

Go and have a look at the activity:
The Science of Grunting in Tennis: A Community of Inquiry

Lesson StrategiesLesson Strategy highlighted this month

Retrieval Chart Strategy
What a great way for teachers of English, Humanities & Science to help develop critical and creative thinking skills.
Go and see how this strategy can be implemented in Biology, Human Body or Health & Physical Education lessons with this lesson activity below.

Job ACGC Activities Target
Sports Doctor

Sports Doctor
Personal and social capabilityCritical

1. Tell Me More: A memory game based on the Day in the Life of a Sports Physician

2. Get a Grip! Tennis Wrist Pain: Retrieval Chart Strategy

3. Research Study: Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury and Sport

4. What is a bruise?

MiddleHigh School
MiddleHigh School

URL: https://onthejob.education/community/sports_doctor.htm



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