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 On the Job Update August 2021

The Jobs

On the Job now has over 1270 jobs listed with

* Job Information, from 5 – 15 career websites – mostly Australian
* Job Outlook symbols showing Future Outlook: “Decline, Static, Moderate, Strong, and Very Strong”.
We have concentrated on jobs of the future.
* Activities to be used in English, Maths, Science and Humanities classes
* Links to YouTube videos for students to understand what happens in this job


3 Jobs highlighted this month are: from the category: “Houses & Buildings






Construction Project Manager


Construction Project Manager


  Critical & CreativeNumeracy

LiteracyPersonal & Social Capability


1. Master LEGO and Tree Building

2. Bendable concrete? Smart concrete? Ethics and Construction? What do you know! [Retrieval Chart; Expert Jigsaw; ]

3. Tall Tower Challenge (created by Try Engineering.org)

Primary Middle High School all


High School





Primary Middle High School all



URL: https://onthejob.education/house/construction_project_manager.htm

Swimming Pool & Spa Technician


Swimming Pool and Spa Technician




Literacy Personal & Social Capability



1. pH and Pool Technicians

2. What lies lurking in your swimming pool? Fact check!

3. Websites, Games & Apps: Pool Doctor app

Primary Middle  


 High School 


Primary Middle High School all

URL: https://onthejob.education/house/pool_technician.htm


Landscape Gardener




Personal & Social Capability Critical & Creative




1. Creating a Frog Bog at school or home

2. What's that sound? Australian Museum FrogID App

3. Creating or revitalising en edible Indigenous garden at school

Primary Middle High School all

Primary Middle High School all

 Primary Middle High School all

URL:  https://onthejob.education/house/gardener.htm


Life on the Job
There are over 120 “Life on the Job” people and their career stories. 
 This month, we are featuring Grata Flos Greig, Australia's first female lawyer.

Grata Flos Greig

misogyny, #Tradwife, Language and the gender debate, and, much more


Read her story

Go and have a look at her activity:

"The Gender Debate" - Now and then

"Media fascination with Flos’s attire did not diminish once admitted to practice.
She delivered a speech in 1905 to the third annual National Congress of Women of Victoria on a paper she wrote titled, “Some Points of the Law Relating to Women and Children”.

The reporter noted that Flos “treated her subject in a masterly manner, and gave an immense amount of useful and, at times, startling information”.
But Flos’s “stylish, yet simple, gown of grey voile, with cream lace vest” was equally newsworthy as were “her pretty black hat and white gloves”.
The fashion choices of other (male) speakers went unmentioned."

A good activity for students in Years 10 - 12 studying Media, Politics, Debating, Ethics, IB, Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge.

Lesson Strategies

Lesson Strategy highlighted this month
Plus, Minus & Interesting [PMI]

Job ACGC Activities Target

Industrial Spraypainter
Vehicle Painter

Ethical UnderstandingICT Capability


1. Solvents, Spray painters & Brain Health. What do you know? PMI Strategy

2. Make a Kahoot about the Sydney Harbour Bridge using the information provided.
MiddleHigh School


URL:  https://onthejob.education/manufacturing_production/spraypainter.htm



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