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Higher Order Thinking Skills: Self Evaluation




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Often teachers are looking for the development of critical thinking skills within their students as these skills will help in the students' future life. Sometimes they are called "HOTS" - for Higher Order Thinking Skills. These are important life skills.

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Teachers look at this list to identify the Higher Order Thinking Skills & Philosophical Skills in your students. This list was developed by Associate Professor Phil Cam, a Philosopher. It can also be used when you are undertaking a Community of Inquiry with your class.  (Source: Associate Professor Phil Cam).

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tudents can be given this list to help them see if they are using these skills in discussions, essays, debates, analysis or Community of Inquiry

After the discussion (or during it), fill out the table below. How did you go with your critical thinking skills? Share with a partner to see if they picked up any skills you missed.

If you want to continue to analyse your thinking [and remember these skills will help with both internal and external exams], use the term planner.

Word doc of this table can be found here

A Term Planner [ 9 weeks] of this checklist can be found here.


Formulates questions   Asks relevant questions  
Knows question types:
[Comprehension Questions;
Google it Questions;
Brainstorm Questions;
Inquiry Questions]
  Questions evidence for plausibility  
Gives good reasons   Builds on ideas of others  
Uses relevant examples   Uses counter examples  
Summarises information   Can reflect appropriately  
Seeks, gives clarification   Makes connections  
Sees different view points   Lists criteria  
Metaphors   Offers alternatives  
Makes distinctions   Develops analogies  
Tests   Recognises assumptions  
Identifies faulty reasoning   Reflects on conceptual progress  
Reasons hypothetically   Forms generalisations  
Applies generalisations   Listens respectfully  
Is open to new ideas   Consistency in developing viewpoint  
Discusses objectively   Perseveres with set tasks  
Expresses ideas coherently      

Examples in On the Job

Where "On the Job"? Stimulus Material sourced from:
Pet Groomer

Pet Groomer
ABC News

Critical & Creative Thinking Skills: Self Evaluation

Big Question: "Do you think/believe should you pursue a job that has higher status and pay or one that you are passionate about?"

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Material sourced from
Associate Professor Phil Cam


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