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Frozen Statues/Tableau

Process (Source: Understanding Faith)

This activity is used to portray a visual image of an event and the feelings of the characters.

  1. A story/newspaper article is read and the students brainstorm and list the feelings of the people involved.
  2. As the story is read again, individual students become a frozen statue to show some of the feelings on the list.
  3. Sections of the story can be allocated to groups who rehearse a frozen statue to depict their part of the story.
  4. The groups form a semi-circle with their backs to the audience.
  5. As the story is read slowly each group turns to take the form of the frozen statue illustrating that part of the story and holds the position until the end of the reading.
  6. Simple costumes such as a length of cloth, and background music can be used.

(Source: Drama Resouce)

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