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Connect Three  

Process (Source: Kenneth Beaton, ACU Education Student)

This activity is used as a revision exercise for the whole class, for groups or individuals

  1. Create a table of 9 squares.
  2. In each row have a variety of different activities eg. a straight forward revision tool and at least one creative activity.
  3. Remember to check that the diagonals also have different types of learning tools

After you have created the "Connect Three" squares, present this revision tool to the students.


Examples used on this website

Evonne Goolagong Cawley - Sportsperson

For English Teachers this Connect Three uses the stimulus material of  this great Australia to promote: but also how to make a presentation, short story, marketing video, mindmap, poetry, or a compare and contrast.

Marine Archaeologist - Word Doc:

Webpage: Shipwrecks, Seaweed, Climate Change & Marine Archaeologists

This Connect Three is for Teachers of Geography, English, Science, RE [Ethics], & Philosophy or Theory of Knowledge


Corrie Waller [Word Doc] 

Webpage: Steward of Racing

For English Teachers this Connect Three uses the stimulus material of the World of Racing

Steward of Racing
Minister of Religion - webpage

For Teachers of Religious Education as a revision exercise for Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts
- here (Word Doc)
Religious Studies (Year 11, ACT)

Minister of Religion



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