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Pet groomers keep domestic animals in good shape by bathing or washing and drying them, trimming and brushing their fur, clipping their nails, and cleaning their teeth and ears. They may work with pure-bred animals preparing them for shows. Future Growth Strong

ANZSCO description: 361113: Washes, dries, brushes, combs, cuts and styles pets' coats, clips their nails and cleans their ears.

Alternative names: Animal Attendant

Pet Groomer
(Source: The Grooming School)

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes  

A pet groomer needs:

  • a love of animals

  • organisational skills

  • to be methodical in their work

  • the strength to lift and carry animals

  • the stamina to stand for long periods of time

  • to be free from allergies


Did You Know?

The Australian Pet industry includes more than 4.1 MILLION dogs and more than 3 MILLION owned (spoiled!) cats, and only around 4000 pet groomers.

Pet Grooming is a rewarding career improving animal welfare and being paid to work artistic magic on dogs, cats, and sometimes even angora rabbits and long haired Guinea Pigs. Some people are just dog groomers, others work across all the species. You can work part time, casual, full time and you can own your own business or work for someone else. There is a national shortage of senior level groomers, but you have to start at the base levels and work your way up!

What do you need to be a good pet/dog groomer?

•a decent work ethic – you work hard, but you get to really see the positive results of your work!
•be reasonably fit and healthy – you will be bending, standing and moving all day
•a willingness to learn – pet or dog grooming is a more highly trained role than most people think!
•a willingness to get on with people – pets have owners who love them!
•not be too squeamish – a normal part of the job includes dealing with faeces, urine and slobber.

(Source: Pets Australia)

Duties and Tasks

  • Bathes, cuts, combs, blow dries and styles pets' coats, clips their nails and cleans their ears.

Working conditions
Pet groomers usually either work from a pet grooming business, or they travel to their clients homes in order to undertake their work. Alternately, some pet groomers may work in conjunction with kennels, catteries, veterinary practices, or animal care centres. Their work is generally dirty and can be smelly. They often work weekends, and may also work outdoors.

Tools and technologies

Pet groomers use scissors for cutting hair and nails, as well as soaps and shampoos for washing animals. They may also use mobile dog washing facilities, and insecticide to control insect pests.

Education and Training

You can work as a pet groomer without any formal qualifications and get training on the job. However, entry into this occupation may be improved by obtaining a qualification in pet grooming, companion animal services, animal studies or a related area.

The Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate III in Pet Grooming, and Certificate III and IV in Companion Animal Services are offered at TAFE Colleges.


Did You Know?

The Career Progression for Pet or Dog Groomers…

Step 1: Home Grooming

Step 2: Grooming Technician level/Cert III level

At the end of this training, you can call yourself a bather/brusher, or if you have done the Grooming Technician course, call yourself a Grooming Technician. You can work as an assistant in a Grooming Salon, or operate a mobile dog washing business.

Step 3: The Licensed or Professional Pet Groomer Level

At the end of this training, you can call yourself a Groomer. If you with to have your skills validated, or have developed these skills without formal training and certification you can apply for a competency audit and become a LICENCED GROOMER.

Step 4: The Master Groomer or Salon Manager level.

At this level you see a divergence of training. Pet/Dog groomers tend to specialise in a particular breed group (eg Terriers) or they study for the International Certified Master Groomer Scheme (dog grooming) or National Dog Groomers scheme, or they develop skills in Creative Grooming and study for the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG), or they develop special skills in cat grooming and study for Certification by the National Cat Groomers Association or Feline Master Groomer. Most of these courses are run out of the USA, but are presented locally in Australia.

Groomers at this level would be expected to be at a level to compete in dog grooming competitions, possibly at “open”, “level 3” or “masters” level.
(Source: Pets Australia)

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