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Events coordinators plan and organise special events, including parties, wedding receptions, product launches, banquets, meetings, conferences and conventions. Future Growth Strong

Conference and event organisers plan and design all kinds of events. They work for hotels, function centres, catering businesses and increasingly also for wineries. They are responsible for every detail of a function, conference or other event, from finding and booking the venue and getting quotes for appropriate external services, to organising the order and presentation of the formal proceedings, to the small details like decorations and ensuring all participants dietary needs are catered for.

ANZSCO description: 1493: Organises and coordinates services for conferences, events, functions, banquets and seminars.

Alternative names: Event Management Consultant, Event Manager, Events Co-ordinator

Specialisations: Conference Organiser, Event Planner, Exhibition Organiser, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Planner

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Knowledge, Skills and Attributes 

  • enjoy working with people

  • good organisational and time management skills

  • attention to detail

  • good interpersonal and supervisory skills

  • good communication skills

  • neat personal appearance

  • comfortable working with computers

  • able to negotiate, delegate and work under pressure.

  • confidence

  • creativity, imagination and innovation

  • the ability to work to deadlines  

Speaker at conference
Speaker at Conference

Duties and Tasks

Events coordinators may perform the following tasks:

  • talk with clients about events and offer suggestions to ensure their requests can be met

  • negotiate the type and costs of services to be provided, in line with a budget

  • organise the venue and ensure that it is appropriately set up, with regard to seating and decor

  • consult with management to ensure adequate staff members are rostered for duty, and with catering staff to plan the menu

  • consult with service providers such as entertainers and transport companies

  • coordinate staff to ensure the programme of events occurs on time (for example, speeches and the serving of food and refreshments)

  • oversee work by contractors and report on variations to work orders

  • find solutions to any problems that arise concerning services or programmes provided

  • advise senior management on matters requiring their attention and implement their decisions

  • follow up with clients to arrange payment and, after the event, to evaluate the service provided

  • collect and analyse data on projects undertaken, and report on project outcomes.

Working conditions

Conference and event organisers usually work in offices, but can spend a large amount of their time in venues where the events that they plan are held.

They are often required to travel some distance to the places where these events are held.

Conference and event organisers are often present at the events that they plan and organise, and therefore are often required to work in busy environments with large numbers of people.

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Tools and technologies

Conference and event organisers usually require knowledge of computers, and may also need to be familiar with lighting, stage, ticketing or catering equipment.

Education and Training

To become a conference and event organiser you usually need to complete a qualification in events management.

The Diploma of Events is offered at TAFE Colleges and other registered training organisations throughout Australia.

You can also complete a degree majoring in event management, or sport, recreation and event management.

Did You Know?


Dates, dates and more dates.

Between scheduling conflicts, cultural celebrations, and public holidays — planning dates can be tricky for event professionals.

Event professionals need to know not only national holidays but cultural ones too.

There is also National Awareness Events and major Festivals and Events to take into account when organising an event.

This website shows all these major dates.

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