Life On The Job

Corie Waller (1980 - ) Stewards Operations Manager at Racing Victoria.
Sometimes referred to as "Corey Waller" in search engines and media.

Corie Waller

About The Job

The Stewards are the “police” of the racing industry, we make sure that all races run in Victoria are conducted safety (with no interference) and with the upmost integrity (everyone is trying their best). We also ensure that every participant conducts themselves appropriately at all times. To do this we rely on live observations from Stewards situated in towers during each race, as well as from vision filmed from several vantage points from around the track, inquiring into appropriate incidents between races. Other behavioural and integrity investigations and inquiries relating to all manner of issues are held outside race day, usually at the Racing Victoria offices. (Source: Racing Victoria)

Stewards Box
Steward's Box


My father was a jockey and my mother was a trainer in Queensland, so I was destined to be part of the racing industry from birth. I was always in and around the stables from a young age and worked as a stable hand until completing a Stewarding cadetship at the Toowoomba office of Queensland Racing shortly after completing high school.

There I performed many different roles within racing officialdom apart from Stewarding, such as photo finish operator, judge, clerk of scales, and swab attendant. Once I completed my cadetship, I transferred to Brisbane as a Stipendiary Steward in which I worked for several years. From there, I moved to Perth as a Stipendiary Steward with Racing and Wagering Western Australia for almost 3 years before gaining the opportunity to work at Racing Victoria.

I began my journey with Racing Victoria with Des Gleeson at the helm, famous hat and all. The last 5 years have been under the eagle eye of Terry Bailey, and all through this time I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and hardworking Stewards in Australia.

For the last 3 years of my Racing Victoria journey I have been the regional manager of Stewards for the Mid West Region, making me responsible for all integrity issues within Ballarat and the Wimmera areas. (Source: Racing Victoria)

Did You Know?

3 February 2020 - Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Stewards have cleared all jockeys involved in the Australia Stakes incident that led to jockey Barend Vorster's fall and the euthanisation of sprinter Manuel.

While chair Corie Waller conceded there wasn't a full run between Begood Toya Mother and Ashlor for Vorster to take on Manuel, the stewards said Ashlor shifting out was the main factor in the interference.

Australia Stakes Judgement

Dean Yendall rides Scales Of Justice to victory as Barend Vorster and Manuel fall in the Australia Stakes.
(Source: SMH)

Stewards added that they didn't feel Dean Yendall, who rode winner Scales Of Justice, dictated the line of Ashlor.
Manuel was euthanised after he sustained a serious injury to his nearside shoulder and off fore knee in the fall, while Vorster suffered a broken collarbone.

However, Waller said, "going forward, we would expect all riders before they attempt to take a run, it needs to be a full run there".
"But stewards feel had there not been the factors of Begood Toya Mother shifting in and Ashlor out, any contact you obtained in the run would not have resulted in the incident incurring a charge," Waller told Vorster.

Vorster told stewards the gap went from appearing, to being closed, within two strides as he urged Manuel to improve in the straight.
Vorster felt that he and Begood Toya Mother were moving away from the fence as they turned into the straight, but Begood Toya Mother straightened and then shifted in slightly and the gap quickly closed.

The fall occurred after Ashlor shied away from the pressure coming from Scales Of Justice to his inside.

The head-on vision showed Scales Of Justice, ridden by Dean Yendall, never made contact with Ashlor who, Yendall said, "was wanting to get away under pressure".

"I don't think I took Ashlor off line," Yendall said.

"To me, watching it, it looked like a bit of misfortune. Ashlor was weakening and Barend wanted the run to present … but he was never able to get to the outside."

Both Daniel Stackhouse (Ashlor) and James Winks (Begood Toya Mother) said they didn't think there was sufficient room between them for Vorster to take the run.

"He was hoping being on a beaten horse that he would be able to move me," Winks said after admitting Begood Toya Mother was out of the hunt early in the straight.

"He [Vorster] needed a hell of a lot to go right … but the cards haven't fallen his way."

When asked if he "thought in the perfect world you would need to touch Begood Toya Mother to get out," Vorster said, "correct".

But stewards ultimately said it was Ashlor weakening and shifting away from Scales Of Justice "into your path" that was the main contributor to the incident.
(Source: SMH)



Corie has held the following positions:

Racing Victoria
12 years 5 months

Stewards Operations Manager
Sep 2019 – Present 9 months
Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Stewards Operations Manager
Sep 2019 – Present 9 months
Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Stipendiary Steward - Regional Manager (Mid West)
Jan 2008 – Present 12 years 5 months
The role of Regional Manager (Mid West) incorporates the management of all integrity duties within Ballarat and the Wimmera. This includes the chairing of race meetings within the district as well as the development and execution of various integrity strategies.

Stipendiary Steward
Racing & Wagering WA (RWWA)
May 2005 – Jan 2008 2 years 9 months

Stipendiary Steward
Racing Queensland
Jan 2001 – Apr 2005 4 years 4 months

(Source: LinkedIn - 18 May 2020)



Education & Training

Experienced Regional Manager with a demonstrated history of working towards ensuring the integrity the horse racing industry. Attributes include strong Investigative, Customer Service, Public Speaking, and Team Building skills. Hard working professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration from RMIT University (2012 - 2017).

With jockeys
12 September 2013 - The Courier
UNHAPPY: Head Steward Corey Waller speaks with jockeys during a track inspection shortly before yesterday’s Ballarat race meeting was abandoned.



Prezi: 9 October 2014 The Professional Life of Racing Victoria Stewards by Corie Waller.





Flemington Stewards' Report

MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

LiteracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Literacy

Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability

1. In groups of 3 - 4, read through the following article from Thoroughbred News 1 January 2020 Reading

Thoroughbred News

Or, you can print up this copy - Word.doc.[8 pages]

Power Words

2. Here are various terms to research from this Report (above): research 3 each in your group:

a. Going Stick b. Rail c. Hind pastern d. Laid in/Laid out e. Tongue tie f. Jump-out
g. Raced flat h. Over-raced i. Reprimanded j. Stretch out k. Endoscopy l. Internal exercise-induced
pulmonary haemorrhage


3. To get a better idea of what the Stewards saw on the day, view the following videos: Video

Video of Race 1: Stewards' Vision

Video of Race 7: Stewards' Vision

4. Discussion

As a group answer the following question:

Were you able to see the problems stated in the Report in these two race videos?


Explain to each other your reasoning!

5. Stewards attend 2 - 3 Race meetings each week [with approximately 8 Races in each meeting] and write reports on each race, some of the horses and jockeys involved in infringments, the track condition and other points of interest. From the Flemington Report, develop a template for reporting writing for one race and any additional information required - eg. Jockey reprimands.

6. Use this report template to write up your own report on the following race: The Melbourne Cup 2019

2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup - Full Race (November 5, 2019) Video


7. Did you find that difficult? Why? Why not?



Connect Three: Corie Waller

MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

LiteracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Literacy

CriticalAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Critical and creative thinking

Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability


1. Using the world of Horse Racing, Stewards and the Melbourne Cup as your stimulus material, you are to complete this "Connect Three" with a group of 3 - 4 students. As a group, you are to complete 3 squares (all in a row - horizontal, vertical or diagonal). Choose which group of three you will find most interesting and suits your skills. How did you work this choice out?  [Word doc here]


Plan an essay discussing the ethics of using whips during the various sections of the race: start, middle, finish.

Give a couple of dot points for each section
Create a short one minute role play to explain the terms: “laid in/laid out”.

This role play is to be a comedy.
Create a Venn Diagram showing the jobs of a Steward, Police Officer and Judge.

What are the similarities and differences of a Steward to a Police Officer? Judge?
Draw a comic about the Melbourne Cup.

See comic below for ideas.
Prepare a short (2) minute talk on the role of the Steward with emphasis on why they are needed.
Stewards need to be skilled at listening for lies.

Watch “Would I lie to you?” -
I once accidentally bought a horse

Get 5 other students to watch this YouTube up until the verdict and get them to nominate either “Lie” or “True” by listing all the reasons for either point of view.
Create an one minute Play about a Panel of Stewards (3) warning a jockey about the excessive number of whips in the first 100m

Look at the Melbourne Cup 2019 and explain the reasoning behind the first Stewards’ protest in Melbourne Cup history.

2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup - Full Race (November 5)

See Steward's account in The Age
Use the list of Thoroughbred horses’ names from the Melbourne Cup History table to create 24 new names.

Explain your reasoning for this selection.


Melbourne Cup Comic:

(Source: Lottos)

2. After completing your group's three tasks, share with another group who has completed three other different tasks.

3. Reflection

What did you learn about yourself, your group's skills and the other group's skills and knowledge?






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Racing Victoria


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