Life On The Job

Life on the Job

Lachlan -  Screen Printer & Fashion Designer.

(Source: YouTube)

Lachlan is the creator of Size Seven Clothing and has been since Year 9 at school in Adelaide.


"A teenager's passion for fashion has paid off after a popular city retailer agreed to stock his line, just six months after he began designing clothes in his bedroom.

Lachlan, 14, has established Size Seven Clothing Co, selling T-shirts and hats at Created Range, Regent Arcade.

The Glenunga teenager’s T-shirts are mainly tie-dyed then screen printed with his original designs. Each one takes him about three days to produce.

“I really did not think of it as a business to start with because me and my friends were just having a bit of fun, but then people thought it would make a good business,” the Year 9 student says.

“I then decided to make a few more shirts on my own, but this time I would sell them to my friends and family, and a few weeks later, I had my business up and running.”

He sells about 25 T-shirts and seven hats a week at the shop and through his website,, and, occasionally, has an interstate or international order."
(Source: The Advertiser))

YouTube: Extended interview with Size Seven founder Loki on Behind the News


Interview with The Coast Studio [TCS] 2016

"The Coast Studio ‘Green Room’ is back again! This month we are stoked to be chatting to Adelaide based street wear specialists, Size Seven Clothing. These dudes bring classy and bold garments to the Australian street wear community and pride themselves on producing apparel of the highest quality and standard. We have to say that their entire range is epic, but we at TCS personally can’t get enough of their long sleeve tees! This is why we are mega stoked to welcome the legends at Size Seven Clothing to the ‘Green Room’ for September!

THE COAST STUDIO: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to catch up! We Dig the name Size Seven! Where did it come from?

SIZE SEVEN: We were having a little brainstorm session one night and we were thinking of inanimate things to do with clothing. We thought of clothing sizes and somehow came up with Size Seven; the reason the number seven, well just because it rolls of the tongue better than other numbers!​

TCS: When and why did you decide to fire up your own fashion label?

​S7: All four of us have always had an eye for a good tee, but have never seemed to enjoy wearing the big name brand labels. After receiving recognition from one local Adelaide store, Created Range; I have seemed to notice the demand for locally produced product! It's amazing to notice the brands organic growth over the last couple of months. This growth has just made us more determined to strive to continually update the range and hopefully expand so that consumers can jump in for a quick car ride down to their nearest store and pick up one of our awesome pieces.

​TCS: How have you found the fashion industry in South Australia so far?

​S7: The fashion industry is a very competitive market with so many new independent labels as well as the big labels that are most popular. It can get hard sometimes but you have to be different and offer a good quality product, that’s what people want and that’s the key to running a successful label.

Did You Know?

Some Size Seven designs

Size Seven

Size Seven

Size Seven

What stands out in these designs?

​TCS: How have Adelaide and Australia in general inspired Size7 as a label?

​S7: Locally, in Adelaide we have been inspired greatly through our range of loyal cliental who live and breathe our brand. Our light buyers are equally valuable to Size Seven as they have helped us grow. For us, there is nothing better than hearing positive feedback and comments on how great our brand is whether that’s from email, Instagram or from our Facebook page. Seeing a large portion of Size Seven fans representing and posting pictures of themselves wearing our apparel is what makes this business so great to be a part of.

​TCS: We hear that local artists design all Size Seven clothing and the garments that you guys print on are also all sourced in Australia. Why do you guys believe so heavily in supporting local industry?

​S7: It is important to support the local industry because it enhances people throughout the state to not only feel obliged to purchase but to also be proud to feel a part of a label that is locally produced.

​TCS: What do you personally look for in a quality garment and how have you incorporated these qualities into Size Seven clothing?

​S7: We tend to focus on the quality of our garments more than anything else. We completely disregard all costs that are involved, as our aim at Size Seven is to focus completely on ensuring that our apparel has quality thick fabric that can appeal to all ages.

TCS: Where do you guys see most of your clothing being worn when out and about?

S7: Because we have made our apparel as simplistic as possible, it has appealed to a younger more chilled out demographic who tend to wear our clothing out in town over the weekends. This is really satisfying to see.

TCS: What advice do you have for fellow young fashion label entrepreneurs who may be reading?

S7: To seriously take the time in researching consumer trends and behaviours, as the retail industry isn’t easy to become successful in. There are so many brands that have similar approaches and or styles which makes it extremely difficult to be able to differentiate your own brand from others. However, make sure you take the time to continuously look at gaining influencers that are willing to help promote the brand by partaking in regular shout outs and promotional activities. These activities effectively enhance the durability of the brands existence. Also,be sure to take pride in all forms of social media accounts in order to accumulate a loyal fan base that will provide you with valuable and informative feedback, which will in turn help the brand grow.

TCS: And finally, what’s planned for the near future of Size Seven Clothing?

​S7: If all goes to plan, the next few months for Size Seven should be a prosperous and eventful period. We’re currently in the process of hopefully gaining access into shops throughout Adelaide and interstate, and we’re also looking at dropping a new line by the end of October [2016] right in time for Summer."
(Source: The Coast Studio)


BTN 3 March 2015

Kid Business



Facebook - Size 7

News 1 December 2014



Size Seven: How did Lachlan do it?

PrimaryPrimary MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability

1. You are to view the BTN or YouTube video of an interview with Lachlan. Video

2. Write down the challenges Lachlan faced.

3. With a partner, compare your lists. Is there any differences? What do you see as challenges that your partner did not see?

4. Discuss how Lachlan overcame these challenges.

5. Reflection


What do you admire about Lachlan?

What could you do in your life to copy Lachlan?



Designing a new T-Shirt

PrimaryPrimary MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

CriticalAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Critical and creative thinking

Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability

1. You are going to design a new trendy T-shirt.

2. Look at the following websites to give you ideas about what to do:

How to Design Your Own T Shirt

T Shirt Design
10 pro tips for better T-shirt designs

T shirt

YouTube: How To Design a T-shirt Graphic Using Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial (33 mins)


3. Reflection

Reflection Questions:

  • What design are you going to create?
  • Who for?
  • What is your target group? Why?

4. Discussion

Discuss with a group of 4 - 5 students and if needed, refine your design.

5. Have you thought of becoming an entrepreneur like Lachlan? What steps do you need to follow to start selling your designs?

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