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Francis Reys (1931 - 1984) - JOCKEY

1973 Melbourne Cup
(Source: Herald Sun)


Frank Reys (c.1931–1984) was the first, and to date, only Australian Aboriginal jockey to win the prestigious Melbourne Cup when, in 1973, he rode to victory on Gala Supreme.

Frank Reys on Gala Supreme Gala Supreme was foaled in 1969 and was by Gala Crest out of the mare Smoke Fairy (by Talisman)

As well as the 1973 Melbourne Cup, the gelding's main wins were in the 1973 VATC Herbert Power Handicap, 1973 VATC Manfred Stakes and 1974 STC N.E. Manion Cup.

Trained by Ray Hutchins, he was ridden to victory in the Melbourne Cup by Frank Reys at 9/1 in the time of 3.19.15.

Gala Supreme defeated Glengowan and Daneson in to second and third places and collected $153600 to become the first Victorian bred horse to win the Melbourne Cup since Wodalla in 1953.

After his racing days were over, he became a successful show horse.
(Source: RaceRate)

ABC Autumn Leaves
Listen to the story of Frank by his brother Fred, 2010

Frank Reys was born in about 1931, one of 14 children, 8 boys and 6 girls. His father, who had immigrated to North Queensland before Frank was born, was a Filipino labourer and cook who worked on farms in North Queensland – inland from Cairns. He was born of his father's second relationship, and Frank was the first child of 9 to his Aboriginal mother [Anne].

Frank Reys' father was Filipino and his mother Aboriginal, a descendent of the Djiribul people of Northern Queensland.

Did You Know?

Location of Djiribul nation

Speech from Shelley Reys ....."Djiribul nation in Innisfail, northern Queensland. There are two Djiribul areas, one the rainforest people which is where my great grandmother is from, an area spanning what is now Cardwell through to Mallanda in the Queensland tablelands".
(Source: Reconciliation Australia - Shelley Reys)

Map of Innisfail
(Source: Google Maps)

Yet, he was widely reported as Filipino only throughout his career. Many believed that it would have hindered his prospects had he discussed his Aboriginal heritage openly in a time of racial discrimination and legislative limitations.

Frank's daughter Shelley Reys once said: "...My father was one of the fourteen children. It was a different time in those days, a time where Indigenous heritage was not valued as it is today. The reconciliation movement was yet to be realised and people were marginalised simply on the basis of race and colour. Many years on, we are a different nation where fellow Australians not only acknowledge Indigenous people and culture, but appreciate that it is an intrinsic part of being Australian and in doing so, celebrate it". And later, "Dad was proud of their Aboriginal and Filipino heritage. Both parents made their mark in shaping who he was, as too his many brothers and sisters".

Frank Reys died from cancer in 1984 – aged 53 (Source: Wikipedia)


"Frank Reys' Melbourne Cup win of 1973 put him in the record books as the first Aboriginal Australian to win the coveted trophy - a win which came after years of hard work. Born in 1931, Frank was the eldest child of his father’s second marriage. He was a larrikin, smart and self-motivated. As a child he and his siblings spent much of their time swimming in fresh water creeks, throwing themselves from flying foxes into rivers, and riding wild brumbies through the Atherton Tablelands. Along with his brothers, he would ride all day long and developed a great love for horses. Once older, Frank sought to turn his riding into a viable career - he wanted to be a jockey. Being young and black it was a hard slog but Frank rose above it and obtained his riding licence in June 1953.

Settling in Melbourne, Frank began a long and successful career as a jockey and on the first Tuesday in November 1973, he won the Melbourne Cup. The press, the neighbourhood and local community were running on overdrive with accolades and adoration. His Melbourne Cup win garnered considerable media coverage and had him labelled as the public’s favourite. Yet, he had been a successful jockey long before the Melbourne Cup. He won the Oaks, the Oakleigh Plate twice, the Lightning Stakes twice, the William Reid Stakes twice, came second in the Derby and came second in the Caulfield Cup just to name a few of his triumphs. In all, he won an impressive 1329 races throughout his career. From his first ride in 1949 to his retirement in 1976, his career was bookended by winning his first and last rides." (Source: Graeme Weatherburn, Deputy Principal - Gilston State School, 2013)


Employment & Training:

Reys' career began in Northern Queensland. He raced in North Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne and Victoria and won his first ride in 1948 as a 16 year old.

In his career as a jockey he had 1,330 winning rides, made more impressive by the fact that there was only one metropolitan and one regional race meeting per week compared to today where one can race day, every day.

His 1973 Melbourne Cup win was his last. In winning his last race at 45 years of age in 1976.


Frank Reys in 1964
(Source: Herald Sun)

Teenage Frank was first indentured as an apprentice jockey in June 1949, to trainer Alfred Baker at Cairns. Later his apprenticeship was transferred to trainer Gordon Shelley.

During his apprenticeship Reys rode about 45 winners. He began at Cannon Park Racecourse at Cairns, and at other district meetings. At a meeting at Gordonvale Reys won his first race riding a horse named Cruedon. In the autumn of 1950, Baysure gave him his first win in Brisbane. At the end of his apprenticeship he travelled widely and became on of a few who have ridden over 1000 winners. One notable performance was in Queensland when he rode four winners in one afternoon at Cunnamulla. He won the Cunnamulla Cup on three occasions.

In his early riding years Reys worked hard to establish himself as a fully fledged jockey without the assistance of anyone but his "boss", Mr. Shelley. (Source: Wikipedia)


Only six years on from the 1967 decision which handed Indigenous Australians the right to vote, the 1973 Melbourne Cup provided more Aboriginal triumph - with 41-year-old jockey, Frank Reys.

Reys had faced a turbulent career as a jockey. He had ridden over 1300 winners, but had also broken nearly every bone in his body.

Between 1969 and early 1972, Reys was out of the saddle for a combined 70 weeks. Towards the end of 1972 he injured himself on the family property, setting himself up for a further 42-week stint on the sidelines.

Less than three months after returning from that hiatus, he climbed aboard Gala Supreme, a nine-one chance in the Melbourne Cup of that year.

It was his best opportunity of achieving a lifelong dream.

Jumping from the outside in barrier 24, Reys settled Gala Supreme in the field but had worked to sixth by the final turn.

It looked as though Glengowan and Daneson had too greater lead, but Reys and Gala Supreme flew home to win in a photo finish.

Following the race, Reys gave an emotional speech where he talked about picking himself off the ground and repeatedly overcome adversity. (Source: Herald Sun)

Did You Know?

Growing up, Anne [his Mum] encouraged Frank and his brothers early interests in horses.

She bought a horse for four pounds from Mr Nevin, the local milkman. Frank and his six other brothers including Fred soon became very good at riding bareback.

At this stage, the brothers started chasing wild brumbies out at Gordonvale, just south of Cairns.

"We became good at that too and that's where it all started," Fred says. "We made mum so proud."

The experience in many ways also mirrored that of a horse race.

"When you chase wild horses, you move from one side of the horse to the other, you're in heavy scrub, you're weaving, ducking," Fred says. "Then when you break the horses in, they're not so polite, they do buck a bit."

 YouTube: Brumby Run Wild - 53 mins

"I think Frank, he marvelled at riding and he became a very astute rider."

Frank and Fred's riding was noticed by local trainers in Cairns and Frank was indentured to Alfred Baker.

After starting out at Cannon Park, Frank won his first race in Gordonvale on Cruedon.

[1973] Frank had fallen off his horse so often by this stage he was affectionately known as 'Autumn Leaves' among racegoers.

In the two years prior, he had broken his ankle, cheekbone, shoulder and fractured his pelvis twice. (Source: ABC: Autumn Leaves)



Autumn Leaves

ABC Autumn Leaves
ABC - Hindsight: Aboriginal Stars of the Turf

Aboriginal Stars of the Turf
Sydney Morning Herald - Nov 4 2013 - Forty Years On...

Herald Sun - Nov 4 2013

Herald Sun


Online: The Melbourne Cup Numbers


NumeracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Numeracy

Using the Melbourne Cup History information (below), work out:

a. The number of winning geldings

b. The number of winner mares

c. The number of horses [males] who are bay in colour

d. Looking at the time taken for the race, work out the number of times each time is duplicated.

e. Consecutive Times: were there any times that were the same? Which horses and which years? 

f. Which horses had the same time as Gala Supreme?

g. Which horse had a slowest time? What year?

h. Which horse had the fastest time - what was it?



Online: The Melbourne Cup Numbers

MiddleMiddle & High SchoolSecondary

NumeracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Numeracy

1. Using the Melbourne Cup History information, work out:

a. The average age of Melbourne Cup winners

b. The average weight carried [handicap] of the Melbourne Cup winners

c. The average time for the Race

d. How did Gala Supreme, Frank Reys' mount compare with the average weight carried and age?

2. Represent the winning times in a graph.

3. How would you represent the connection between weight carried and time?




Year Horse Jockey Trainer Colours Sex Age Wgt Time
2020 Twilight Payment J. McNeil J. O'Brien Bay Geilding 8 55.5  
2019 Vow and Declare C.Williams D. O'Brien Chestnut Gelding 4 52 3.24.76
2018 Cross Counter K.McEvoy C.Appleby Bay Colt 3 51 3.21.17
2017 Rekindling C.Brown J. O'Brien Bay Colt 3 52 3.21.29
2016 Almandin K.McEvoy R.Hickmott Bay Gelding 7 52 3.20.58
2015 Prince of Penzance M.Payne * 1st Female D. Weir Bay Gelding 6 53 3.23.15
2014 Protectionist R.Moore Andreas Wohler Bay Horse 5 56.5 3.17.71
2013 Fiorente D. Oliver G Waterhouse Bay Horse 5 55 3.20.30
2012 Green Moon B Prebble Robert Hickmott Bay Horse 6 53.5 3.20.45
2011 Dunaden C P Lemaire M Delzangles Bay Horse 6 54.5 3.20.84
2010 Americain G. Mosse A De Royer-Dupre Bay/Brown Horse 6 54.5 3.26.87
2009 Shocking C. Brown M. Kavanagh Bay Horse 4 51 3.23.87
2008 Viewed B. Shinn J.B. Cummings Bay Horse 5 53 3.20.40
2007 Efficent M. Rodd G. Rogerson Grey Gelding 4 54.5 3.23.34
2006 Delta Blues Y. Iwata K. Sumii Bay Horse 6 56 3.21.47
2005 Makybe Diva G. Boss L. Freedman Bay Mare 7 58 3.19.17
2004 Makybe Diva G. Boss L. Freedman Bay Mare 6 55.5 3.28.55
2003 Makybe Diva G. Boss D. Hall Bay Mare 5 51 3.19.90
2002 Media Puzzle D. Oliver D. Weld Chesnut Gelding 6 52.5 3.16.97
2001 Ethereal S. Seamer S. Laxon Bay Mare 4 52 3.21.08
2000 Brew K. McEvoy M. Maroney Bay Gelding 6 49 3.18.68
1999 Rogan Josh J. Marshall J.B. Cummings Brown Gelding 7 50 3.19.64
1998 Jezabeel C. Munce B. Jenkins Brown Mare 6 51 3.18.59
1997 Might And Power J. Cassidy J. Denham Bay/Brown Gelding 4 56 3.18.33
1996 Saintly D. Beadman J.B. Cummings Chesnut Gelding 4 55.5 3.18.80
1995 Doriemus D. Oliver L. Freedman Chesnut Gelding 5 54.5 3.27.60
1994 Jeune Wayne Harris D. Hayes Chesnut Horse 6 56.5 3.19.80
1993 Vintage Crop Michael Kinane D. Weld Chesnut Gelding 7 55.5 3.23.40
1992 Subzero Greg Hall L. Freedman Grey Horse 4 54.5 3.24.70
1991 Lets Elope S.R. King J.B. Cummings Chesnut Mare 4 51 3.18.90
1990 Kingston Rule D. Beadman J.B. Cummings Chesnut Horse 5 53 3.16.30
1989 Tawrrific R.S. Dye L. Freedman Bay Horse 5 54 3.17.10
1988 Empire Rose T. Allan L.K.Laxon Chesnut Mare 6 53.5 3.18.90
1987 Kensei L. Olsen L.J.Bridge Chesnut Gelding 5 51.5 3.22.00
1986 At Talaq M. Clarke C.S. Hayes Bay Horse 6 54.5 3.21.70
1985 What A Nuisance P. Hyland J.F. Meagher Bay Gelding 7 52.5 3.23.00
1984 Black Knight P. Cook G.M. Hanlon Bay/Brown Gelding 5 50 3.18.90
1983 Kiwi J. Cassidy E.S. Lupton Chesnut Gelding 6 52 3.18.90
1982 Gurners Lane L. Dittman G.T. Murphy Chesnut Gelding 4 56 3.21.20
1981 Just A Dash P. Cook T.J. Smith Bay Gelding 4 53.5 3.21.20
1980 Beldale Ball J. Letts C.S. Hayes Brown Horse 5 49.5 3.19.80
1979 Hyperno H. White J.B. Cummings Bay/Brown Gelding 6 56 3.21.80
1978 Arwon H. White G.M. Hanlon Bay/Brown Gelding 5 50.5 3.24.30
1977 Gold And Black J. Duggan J.B. Cummings Brown Gelding 5 57 3.18.40
1976 Van Der Hum R.J. Skelton L.H. Robinson Chesnut Gelding 5 54.5 3.34.10
1975 Think Big H. White J.B. Cummings Bay Gelding 5 58.5 3.29.60
1974 Think Big H. White J.B. Cummings Bay Gelding 4 53 3.23.10
1973 Gala Supreme F. Reys R.J. Hutchins Brown Gelding 4 49 3.19.50
1972 Piping Lane J. Letts G.M. Hanlon Brown Gelding 6 48 3.19.30
1971 Silver Knight R.B. Marsh E. Temperton Grey Horse 4 55 3.19.50
1970 Bagdad Note E.J. Didham R. Heasley Grey Gelding 5 54 3.19.70
1969 Rain Lover J. Johnson M.L. Robins Bay Horse 5 60.5 3.21.50
1968 Rain Lover J. Johnson M.L.Robins Bay Horse 4 51.5 3.19.10
1967 Red Handed R. Higgins J.B. Cummings Chesnut Gelding 5 55 3.20.40
1966 Galilee J. Miller J.B. Cummings Bay Gelding 4 56.5 3.21.90
1965 Light Fingers R. Higgins J.B. Cummings Chesnut Mare 4 52.5 3.21.10
1964 Polo Prince R. Taylor J.P. Carter Bay Gelding 6 52 3.19.60
1963 Gatum Gatum J. Johnson H.G. Heagney Brown Gelding 5 50 3.21.10
1962 Even Stevens L. Coles A. McGregor Chesnut Horse 5 53 3.21.40
1961 Lord Fury R. Selkrig F.B. Lewis Brown Horse 4 48 3.19.50
1960 Hi Jinx W. A. Smith T.H. Knowles Bay Mare 5 49 3.23.75
1959 Macdougal P. Glennon R.W. Roden Bay Gelding 6 56 3.23.00
1958 Baystone M. Schumacher J. Green Bay Gelding 6 55 3.21.25
1957 Straight Draw N. McGrowdie J.M. Mitchell Bay Gelding 5 53 3.24.50
1956 Evening Peal G. Podmore E.D. Lawson Brown Mare 4 51 3.19.50
1955 Toparoa N. Sellwood T.J. Smith Bay Gelding 7 48 3.28.25
1954 Rising Fast J. Purtell I.J. Tucker Bay/Brown Gelding 5 59.5 3.23.00
1953 Wodalla J. Purtell R. Sinclair Brown Horse 4 52.5 3.23.75
1952 Dalray W. Williamson C.C. McCarthy Bay Horse 4 61 3.23.75
1951 Delta N. Sellwood M. McCarten Brown Horse 5 59.5 3.24.25
1950 Comic Court P. Glennon J. Cummings Brown Horse 5 59.5 3.19.50
1949 Foxami W. Fellows D. Lewis Bay Horse 4 54.5 3.28.50
1948 Rimfire R. Neville S. Boyden Chesnut Gelding 6 45.5 3.21.00
1947 Hiraji J. Purtell J.W. McCurley Grey Gelding 4 49.5 3.28.00
1946 Russia D. Munro E. Hush Chesnut Horse 6 57 3.21.25
1945 Rainbird W. Cook S. Evans Chesnut Mare 4 47.5 3.24.25
1944 Sirius D. Munro E. Fisher Chesnut Horse 4 53 3.24.50
1943 Dark Felt V. Hartney R. Webster Brown Horse 6 52.5 3.23.25
1942 Colonus H. McCloud F. Manning Bay Horse 4 45.5 3.33.25
1941 Skipton W. Cook J. Fryer Chesnut Colt 3 47.5 3.23.75
1940 Old Rowley A. Knox J.A. Scully Chesnut Gelding 7 50 3.26.00
1939 Rivette E. Preston H. Bamber Bay Mare 6 48.5 3.27.00
1938 Catalogue F. Shean A. McDonald Bay Gelding 8 52.5 3.26.25
1937 The Trump A. Reed S.W. Reid Bay Gelding 5 53 3.21.50
1936 Wotan O. Phillips J. Fryer Brown Horse 4 49.5 3.21.25
1935 Maraboa K. Voitre L. Robertson Bay Horse 4 49.5 3.23.75
1934 Peter Pan D. Munro F. McGrath Chesnut Horse 5 61.5 3.40.50
1933 Hall Mark J. O Sullivan J. Holt Chesnut Colt 3 48 3.27.50
1932 Peter Pan W. Duncan F. McGrath Chesnut Colt 3 47 3.23.25
1931 White Nose N. Percival E.J. Hatwell Brown/Black Horse 5 43.5 3.26.00
1930 Phar Lap J.E. Pike H.R. Telford Chesnut Gelding 4 62.5 3.27.75
1929 Nightmarch R. Reed A. McAulay Brown Horse 4 58 3.26.50
1928 Statesman J. Munro W. Kelso Chesnut Horse 4 51 3.23.25
1927 Trivalve R. Lewis J. Scobie Chesnut Colt 3 47 3.24.00
1926 Spearfelt H. Cairns V. O Neill Brown Horse 5 58.5 3.22.75
1925 Windbag J. Munro G. Price Bay Horse 4 58 3.22.75
1924 Backwood P. Brown R. Bradfield Bay Horse 6 51.5 3.26.50
1923 Bitalli A. Wilson J. Scobie Brown Gelding 5 44.5 3.24.25
1922 King Ingodas A. Wilson J. Scobie Brown Horse 4 45 3.28.25
1921 Sister Olive E. O Sullivan J. Williams Chesnut Filly 3 44 3.27.75
1920 Poitrel K. Bracken H.J. Robinson Chesnut Horse 6 63.5 3.25.75
1919 Artilleryman R. Lewis P.T. Heywood Brown Colt 3 47 3.24.50
1918 Nightwatch W. Duncan R. Bradfield Bay Gelding 5 42 3.25.75
1917 Westcourt W. McLachlan J. Burton Brown Horse 5 53 3.26.75
1916 Sasanof F. Foley M. Hobbs Brown Gelding 3 43.5 3.27.75
1915 Patrobas R. Lewis C. Wheeler Brown Colt 3 47 3.28.25
1914 Kingsburgh K.G. Meddick I. Foulsham Chesnut Colt 4 43.5 3.26.00
1913 Posinatus A. Shanahan J. Chambers Bay Gelding 5 49 3.31.00
1912 Piastre A. Shanahan R. O Connor Bay Horse 4 48.5 3.27.50
1911 The Parisian R. Cameron C. Wheeler Brown Gelding 6 55 3.27.75
1910 Comedy King W. McLachlan J. Lynch Brown/Black Horse 4 49.5 3.27.75
1909 Prince Foote W. McLachlan F. McGrath Bay Colt 3 48 3.27.50
1908 Lord Nolan J. Flynn E. A. Mao Bay Colt 3 42.5 3.28.75
1907 Apologue W. Evans I. Earnshaw Bay Horse 5 48.5 3.27.50
1906 Poseidon T. Clayton I. Earmshaw Bay Colt 3 47 3.31.25
1905 Blue Spec F. Bullock W. Hickenbotham Brown Horse 6 51 3.27.50
1904 Acrasia T. Clayton A. E. Wills Bay Mare 7 47 3.28.25
1903 Lord Cardigan N. Godby A.E. Cornwell Brown Colt 3 41.5 3.29.25
1902 The Victory R. Lewis R. Bradfield Bay Colt 4 56 3.29.00
1901 Revenue F. Dunn H. Munro Bay Gelding 5 49 3.30.50
1900 Clean Sweep A. Richardson James Scobie Black Colt 3 44.5 3.29.00
1899 Merriwee V. Turner J.Wilson jun. Brown Colt 3 47 3.36.50
1898 The Grafter John Gough W. Forrester Brown Gelding 5 58 3.29.75
1897 Gaulus S. Callinan W. Forrester Chesnut Horse 6 48 3.31.00
1896 Newhaven H.J. Gardiner W. Hickenbotham Chesnut Colt 3 50.5 3.28.50
1895 Auraria J. Stevenson J.H. Hill Brown Filly 3 46.5 3.29.00
1894 Patron H.G. Dawes R. Bradfield Chesnut Horse 4 52 3.31.00
1893 Tarcoola H. Cripps J. Cripps Bay Horse 7 52.5 3.30.50
1892 Glenloth G. Robson M. Carmody Brown Horse 5 50.5 3.36.25
1891 Malvolio G. Redfearn J. Redfearn Bay Horse 4 52.5 3.29.25
1890 Carbine R. Ramage W. Hickenbotham Bay Horse 5 66 3.28.25
1889 Bravo J. Anwin T. Wilson Bay Horse 6 54 3.32.50
1888 Mentor M. O Brien W. Hickenbotham Bay Horse 4 52 3.30.75
1887 Dunlop T. Sanders J. Nicholson Brown Horse 5 52 3.28.50
1886 Jarsenal W. English H. Rayner Brown Horse 4 46.5 3.31.00
1885 Sheet Anchor M. O Brien T. Wilson Brown Horse 7 49.5 3.29.50
1884 Malua A. Robertson Isaac Foulsham Bay Horse 5 61 3.31.75
1883 Marini-Henri J. Williamson M. Fennelly Bay Colt 3 46.5 3.30.50
1882 The Assyrian C. Hutchens J.E. Savill Brown Horse 5 50.5 3.40.00
1881 Zulu Jim Gough T. Lamond Black Horse 4 36 3.32.50
1880 Grand Flaneur T. Hales T. Brown Bay Colt 3 42.5 3.34.75
1879 Darriwell S. Cracknell W.E. Dakin Brown Horse 5 46.5 3.30.75
1878 Calamia T. Brown E. de Mestre Bay Horse 5 51.5 3.35.75
1877 Chester P. Pigott E. de Mestre Bay Colt 3 43.5 3.33.50
1876 Briseis P. St. Albans James Wilson Brown Filly 3 40 3.36.25
1875 Wollomai R. Batty S. Moon Bay Horse 6 48 3.38.00
1874 Haricot P. Pigott S. Harding Bay Gelding 4 41.5 3.37.50
1873 Don Juan W. Wilson James Wilson Bay Horse 4 43.5 3.36.00
1872 The Quack W. Enderson John Tait Bay Horse 6 49 3.39.00
1871 The Pearl J. Cavanagh John Tait Bay Horse 5 46 3.39.00
1870 Nimblefoot J. Day W. Lang Bay Gelding 7 38 3.37.00
1869 Warrior J. Morrison R. Sevoir Brown Gelding 6 55.5 3.40.00
1868 Glencoe C. Stanley John Tait Chesnut Horse 4 57.5 3.42.00
1867 Tim Whiffler J. Driscoll E. de Mestre Bay Horse 5 56 3.39.00
1866 The Barb W. Davis John Tait Black Colt 3 42 3.43.00
1865 Toryboy E. Cavanagh P. Miley Grey Gelding 8 44.5 3.44.00
1864 Lantern S. Davis S. Mahon Brown Colt 3 39.5 3.52.00
1863 Banker H. Chifney Sam Waldock Bay Colt 3 33.5 3.44.00
1862 Archer J. Cutts E. de Mestre Bay Horse 6 64.5 3.47.00
1861 Archer J. Cutts E. de Mestre Bay Horse 5 60.5 3.52.00

(Source: Racenet & Wikipedia)



Design a Stamp to commemorate Frank Reys

Primary Primary

ICT Capability Australian Curriculum General Capability: ICT Capability

Critical & Creative Thinking
Australian Curriculum General Capability: Critical & Creative Thinking

1. Read the story of Frank Reys.

2. Look at the following stamp designs.

  • What do you think should be on your stamp to commemorate Frank Reys to show he was a jockey, an Aboriginal man, and a winner of the Melbourne Cup?
  • His life dates?
  • What would be in the background? The horse he won the Melbourne Cup on?
  • Would you have a range of stamps celebrating famous Indigenous Australians? [Look up the Indigenous Index to find a range of Famous Indigenous Australians ]

Cathy Freeman's stampMelbourne Cup 1960Howard Florey Stamp

Mary MacKillop stamp         William Bragg

Famous Musicians

3. What sort of stamp size would you design? What colour(s)? His jockey colours?

4. What would the cost of your stamp be... a 70c or of larger value? This would depend on the number of people you wish to see and use this stamp.

5. What would you do to make this stamp a collectable that stamp collectors from around the world would want to collect?

6. Use the following resource to design your stamp: Design It: Design a Stamp (PDF)

7. Design a first day cover for your stamp (or stamps). It should show what the person is like or part of a series of stamps. Remember to design the "First day cover postage mark" too.

See the examples:

Don Bradman


tourist transport

bush babies



Design a Memorial Sculpture to Frank Reys, the only Aboriginal Jockey to win the Melbourne Cup, in 1973.

MiddleMiddle & High School Secondary


Critical & Creative Thinking
Australian Curriculum General Capability: Critical & Creative Thinking

1. Read up about Frank Reys using the websites above.

2. Go to Monument Australia and get ideas

Monument Australia

3. Look at these sculptures around Sport or Famous People in Sport:

The Gymnast at the Australian Institute of Sport [AIS] in Canberra

AIS Gymnast
Source: Beyond the Blue Horizon

3. (cont) or Rod Laver's monument:

Rod Laver sculpture
Source: Wikipedia

4. Create your own sculpture for Frank Reys.

You might want to use Papier Mache

Papier Mache



Material sourced from 

ABC: Autumn Leaves; RaceRate; Herald Sun;
Graeme Weatherburn, Deputy Principal - Gilston State School, 2013

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