Life On The Job

Corporate Trainer - Anne-Marie Esler

Description of Job:

I work for a financial services company. I am the manager of training in the client service centre.

Staff are trained on superannuation, savings, insurance and unit trust products.

I facilitate and co-ordinate this training for new inductees (new staff) when they start in the client service centre and as ongoing training for existing staff.



I was raised in a family where learning and education were considered very important. Both my parents were teachers and so I guess I may have inherited some of their teaching genetics.

Although I didn't always know I was going to grow up and become a trainer or a teacher for that matter, I haven't stopped studying since I left university and I guess teaching others was a natural progression for me.


My lucky break that led to my career in training came when I was asked by the then trainer of my area to facilitate two sessions of a superannuation course that my company runs internally.

From that day on I haven't looked back. Two sessions became three, a part time position in the training area became a full position. Now I am the training manager!


I really enjoyed my years at school and my years at university even better. Without my degree I maybe wouldn't have been able to get the same customer service role that has since given me all my career opportunities.

My study of economics at university gave me a background into the financial industry and financial markets, an interest in this lead to my position at Zurich Financial Services.

All my teachers at school kept asking me, because my parents were teachers, if I was going to become a teacher. I always said no, but I think now they would be surprised at how close they were!


My university education gave me invaluable studying techniques and a general background into the financial industry. The on the job and industry training I have undertaken since commencing work has given me the more specific information needed to perform my role.

When I started with Zurich, I went through an eight week induction program and since then I have been on countless course in customer service, managed investments, superannuation, retirement income streams, letter writing, change management, team leader and manager development courses and the list goes on.

I am also currently undertaking external courses including a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and a Diploma in Financial Planning. I guess my point is that learning and education doesn't stop with school or university.


My interest in the financial industry was what lead me to what my career is today. I remember receiving my first pay and thinking, WOW, now I can go and buy heaps of corporate clothing!!!

Since then I have tried to overcome my spending habits and am now paying off a mortgage. Being in superannuation, I am also aware of the need to save for my retirement however, this can wait for a couple of years as I am only 25!

My job is full of variety, I work with lots of different people and am hardly at my desk for more than ten minutes at a time. I deliver training sessions on a regular basis so people can always see the outcome of my work.


Professional development is very important in my work environment. Staff are encouraged to undertake external studies and participate in internal courses.

People who do extra study are rewarded with more opportunities as their interest is sometimes measured by how keen they are to learn.



Make a Presentation

PrimaryPrimary MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability

ICT Capability Australian Curriculum General Capability: ICT Capability



1. Anne-Marie described how she was undertaking a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. During this course, one of the units that Anne-Marie would have to do is "Make a Presentation".

2. You are to go to Jane Hart's Top Tools for Learning.

3. Each student [in the class] is to select  one of the tools listed here that they have never used before. Only select the tools that are free!

4. After you have selected your eLearning tool, go to it's website and learn how to apply it.

5. Now you are to present this eLearning tool to the rest of the class, using either Stupeflix or Prezi explaining how they would use this particular eLearning tool.







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