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Accountant [Tax]  - Chris


When I was a child I was always very good at working out how I would spend my pocket money. I would sit down and decide what I would spend my money on and then work out if I had enough money to do this. If I didn't have enough money I would ask my Mum for more!


When I was in Year 10, I had the opportunity to do work experience with an accounting firm for 1 week. This helped me to understand what an accountant did and how they helped people to organise their finances.


When I was at school I was always very good at mathematics. If you want to be an accountant you must be very good with numbers so that you can count all the money that your customers make!


If you want to be an accountant you must firstly finish Year 12 at school. To be a really good accountant, you then have to go to university for three years to learn all the skills of being an accountant.

It is also very important to get work experience because this teaches you how to solve problems and work as part of a team.

Working as an Accountant


My first job out of school was working for a bank. This job involved counting alot of money so you had to be very careful and accurate so that money did not go missing.

It is very important that I enjoy my job because sometimes you have to work many hours (sometimes even on weekends). Also you have to work for many years before you can retire so you must enjoy what you do and not just consider how much you get paid.


As an accountant you must learn all the time. The government is always changing the tax rules such as introducing the GST. Your customers pay you because they expect you to know all about these changes and help them with them.

This means you must attend alot of training courses and do more study even after you have finished university.


Kids' saving accounts review

PrimaryPrimary MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

NumeracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Numeracy

1. Choice Magazine has completed a review of Kids' Saving Accounts and found some remarkable information.

2. Read through the following 4 pages:

Teaching Kids about Money

Choice 1
Tops and Flops

Choice 2
Kids' bank account comparison table

choice 3
Steep tax rates for children

Choice 4

3. Your "client" is a 14 year old student. They are interested in investing for the future and have been given $1000 by a grandparent.

You are to:

a. Advise them about the best and worst investment in banking

b. The Tax Rates

4. You are to create an Articulate Storyline [free trial for 30 days] to explain to your "client" their best options.

Articulate Storyline


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