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Interior decorators plan and implement decoration schemes for homes, offices, shops and professional rooms. Interior Decorators work with Interior Designers to plan and design the decor of offices, Future Growth Very Strong residences, hotels and other interior environments. They should have a thorough understanding of functionality and aesthetic features to determine decoration themes, colour schemes, materials and patterns used to decorate spaces.

ANZSCO ID: 399912

Knowledge, skills and attributes

  • creative
  • good understanding of colour
  • able to promote ideas
  • awareness of fashion and design trends
  • able to interact well with a variety of people.

Duties and Tasks

Interior decorators may perform the following tasks:
Interior Decorator

  • advise clients on the selection of colour schemes, layout, lighting, furniture, floor coverings, curtains, paint, wallpaper and hardware products (e.g. curtain fittings)
  • Discusses design ideas and provides advice to clients.
  • Analyses clients' requirements.
  • Plans and designs whole building interiors, rooms, shops, residential and leisure spaces.
  • Plans interior infrastructure such as lighting, air-conditioning and communication cabling.
  • Prepares drawings, samples and decorating instructions.
  • Makes any necessary changes to the designs or drawings.
  • Advises on hiring trades people.
  • Designs furniture or fittings.
  • Works with architects and other contractors at the early stages of designing an interior space.
  • Keep up to date with trends and legal requirements in interior design.
  • May be involved with project management.
  • May run their own business.
  • visit clients' premises to look at existing conditions and make measurements
  • provide sketch designs, specifications and cost estimates to the client for approval
  • supervise and coordinate the installation and arrangement of furniture and furnishings
  • undertake direct selling if working in a retail shop.
Working Conditions

Interior decorators may have to work extended or irregular hours to meet clients' needs.

Interior Decorators may also work in a consultant role or in a sales role in trade and retail shops. They are often self-employed or may manage a team of staff, and interact with members of the public daily, advising them on a broad range of matters relating to the look and feel of their home or business.

Education and training/entrance requirements

It is possible to work as an Interior Decorator without qualifications, however many employers prefer individuals with qualifications in the field. On the job training is usually provided.

Complete a qualification in Interior Decoration. This could be a Certificate IV in Interior Decoration (MSF40113) or a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration (MSF50213).

Consider securing an assistant role in order to build your practical experience and body of interior decoration work. Develop a portfolio of work to show prospective clients and employers.

Did You Know?

Is there a difference between a decorator and an interior designer?

Yes. Interior Designers focus on functional and aesthetic solutions to interior spaces. Interior Designers will analyze your needs and budget, prepare and present conceptual solutions and then manage the implementation of the project. They will ensure that the design complies with all regulatory and legal requirements. Interior Designers work in corporate, healthcare, hospitality, retail, residential, public and institutional spaces.


Interior decoration, on the other hand, focuses on surface treatment and selection and placement of fixtures and furnishings. An interior decorator’s scope of work would include things such as colour, materials and furniture selection; and typically only work in residential environments.
(Source: Make Space for Good Design)


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