Vinny, Emma, Timmy and Maria are four friends who consider themselves to be good detectives!

Vinny and Maria are brother and sister, Emma and Timmy are also brother and sister. Put your mouse over one of the four kids to find out who is who.

Lately a lot of suspicious characters have been lurking around committing crimes.

Detective Quimbly has been having a lot of trouble finding out who committed these crimes. Can you help our four young detectives solve the mysteries and discover the criminals ?

Game Instructions

To begin click on the "Start a New Game" icon.
(There are buttons at the bottom of each job description page and another at the bottom of this page)

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Once you find the person read over the information about that job and then click on the "Continue Game" Icon.

Once you have found enough clues you will be sent to the police station for a quiz and to identify the criminal!

IMPORTANT: Before you begin your detective quest, it is advisable that you study the facts on this page very carefully and take notes! You will need to use this information later on to solve your mystery!