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Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability

1. Look at the following YouTube video (How to Practice Good Phone and Email Etiquette at Work)


2. Go to XtraNormal


3. Make an animation about Phone Etiquette for students in middle school.

4. You might like to go to Phone Answering Tips to Win Business to get some ideas about the rules!

Financial Literacy: Moneysmart

How to order Coffee

How to order coffee
Sorting Mail for the Office - a game?


Australian Curriculum General Capability: Literacy

Work out which is the best way to sort out the mail.

Make up a game for two teams to compete.

Office Letters Need Sorting
Econedlink - here is a list of activities around Economics to do...

Don't forget to look at the age levels for each activity!


How to write a Job Description

Job Description
101 Email Etiquette Tips

Tips for Email

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