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The Ethics of Buying or Selling on Flood Plains - Community of Inquiry

MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary

CriticalAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Critical and creative thinking

Ethical Understanding Australian Curriculum General Capability: Ethical Understanding

Australian Curriculum Cross Curriculum Priorities: Sustainability Priority


Cooperative LearningCooperative Learning Activity



This activity is suitable for students studying Geography.

You are to conduct a Community of Inquiry [CoI] using the article from the Guardian below. To carry out a CoI, you need to investigate this page so you know the process and rules.

Community of Inquiry


1. As a class read the following article from The Guardian, 3 April 2022. Each class member is to read one paragraph out loud to the rest of the class. Read

Here ia a reproduction of the article - Word doc (5pages)

The Guardian

2. After reading, form pairs of students.

Using the Question Quadrant below, write up one or two questions for each of the quandrants about the information from the article in your notebooks. AnalyseTry to bring the role of the Conveyancer into your questions.

Question Quadrant

3. On a whiteboard, write up your questions for the Open Questions, Inquiry or Philsophical Questions only and put both your names next to the question.

4. Your Teacher will collate the questions that are similar. The question repeated the most will be the first question to discuss as a class using the Community of Inquiry rules.


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