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Design a Jockey's colours or "silks"

Primary Primary, MiddleMiddle & High School Secondary

Critical & Creative ThinkingAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Critical & Creative Thinking


1. Using the resources below, design and draw a new jockey's silk that you would like to see on Australian racecourses.

2. What colours would you use? Why?

3. What would an Aboriginal Jockey silk look like? Discuss with a partner.


Jockey Colours
(Source: Weatherbys)

Jacket markings
(Source: NSW Racing)




Should there be a ban on whips in Australian horse racing?

High School Secondary

CriticalAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Critical and creative thinking

LiteracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Literacy

Ethical Understanding Australian Curriculum General Capability: Ethical Understanding


Cooperative LearningCooperative Learning Activity



1.  TeacherTeacher

You are going to conduct a Community of Inquiry about this issue. This process encourages critical and creative thinking and reasoning amongst your students.

Community of Inquiry

Go to the Community of Inquiry page for instructions as to how to conduct a CoI.


2. As a class, read out loud the following article from The Conversation 22 February 2018. This is your stimulus material to generation discussion. Reading

The Conversation

3. Get the students, in pairs, to come up with 4 questions - one for each quadrant. The questions for thinking are the hardest to come up with – but that is what we are aiming for.


4. Write up all the "Questions for Thinking" on the board and collate similar questions together. List all the questions on the board and put the students' names next to their question. The question with the most queries is the question to discuss initially.

5.  Make sure the students follow the rules of Philosophy in Schools:

  • Only one person speaks at a time
  • Pay attention to the person who is speaking
  • Give other people a chance to speak
  • Build upon other people's ideas
  • No put-downs (Source: Phil Cam)

6. Discussion should involve students in critical, creative and caring thinking:

Critical Creative Caring
give reasons
consider implications
apply criteria
weigh evidence
generate questions
raise suggestions
imagine alternatives
formulate criteria
make connections
build on ideas
listen to other's points of view
consider other's reasons
explore disagreements considerately
build on other's ideas
explore other's opinions
help to synthesise suggestions

7. Provide Closure: Example: Get the students to reflect in their journals a time when they saw an incident at a race course.

10. Leave the questions on the board or copy them so that the other unanswered questions can be used in the next lessons.




Websites, Games & Apps

The following websites are interactive. You might wish to play with these before designing your own silk above.

Design a Jockey's colours
Primary PrimaryStarStar

ICT Capability
Australian Curriculum General Capability: ICT Capability

Design Colours

British Horse Racing: Design a Jockey's Colours
Primary PrimaryStarStar

ICT Capability Australian Curriculum General Capability: ICT Capability
Racing Colours


Horsing Around WebQuest (Web Archive Only)

High SchoolStarStarStarStarhalf star 

ICT Capability Australian Curriculum General Capability: ICT Capability

Horsing Around WebQuest

Mustangs Run Free (USA)


ICT Capability Australian Curriculum General Capability: ICT Capability

Mustang WebQuest


Did You Know?

In 1762 the English Jockey Club formalized what had been a general practice and requested that owners submit specific colors for riders’ jackets and caps, which were to be used consistently.


Later that year they made the Newmarket resolution that owners must submit the racing silks for their horses to compete. From the minutes: “For the greater convenience of distinguishing the horses in running, and also for the prevention of disputes arising from not knowing the colors of each rider, the under-mentioned gentleman have come to the resolution and agreement of having the colors annexed to their names, worn by their respective riders.”
Jockey Silks and Spectators)


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