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Market research analysts collect, process and analyse data to assist in the marketing of products and services. They conduct research on a topic, product or service using design surveys, questionnaires Future Growth Strong and other methods for obtaining data, and organising the dissemination and collection of these documents. They also supervise the staff who collect these documents. They may also conduct one-on-one interviews or focus groups, and undertake administrative tasks.

ANZSCO description: Determines the market for new goods and services, develops advertising strategies, and evaluates the best business sites for commercial organisations.

Alternative Names: Analyst, Market Researcher 

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Knowledge, skills and attributes

A market research analyst needs:

  • an interest in consumer behaviour
  • good listening skills
  • strong written communication skills
  • strong analytical, conceptual and reasoning skills
  • organisational, planning and time management skills
  • data entry skills.

Working conditions

Market research analysts usually work in an office environment. They are often required to travel locally, interstate or overseas in order to meet with clients to conduct research, or to attend training or conferences.

They usually work where there are large populations, such as cities so that they can gather as much data as possible, but may also be required to conduct research in regional areas from time to time.

They may also conduct online market research, which may collect data from a wider cross-section of people. Market research analysts need to be familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Tools and technologies

Marketing research analysts use computers, and in particular specialist data analysis programs. They also use presentation software to create and deliver market research presentations to focus groups.

They may also use whiteboards [Interactive Whiteboards] or other audio visual presentation media. They may also use audio or video equipment to record their one-on-one interviews or focus group sessions for further analysis.

Education and training/entrance requirements

To become a market research analyst you usually need to obtain a degree in commerce or business, with a major in marketing.


Did You Know?

The market research process consists of six discrete stages or steps:

Step 1 - Articulate the research problem and objectives

Step 2 - Develop the overall research plan

Step 3 – Collect the data or information

Step 4 – Analyze the data or information

Step 5 – Present or disseminate the findings

Step 6 – Use the findings to make the decision
(Source: The Balance)

(Source: The Balance)

Market Research Analyst


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