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What is a Parking Meter?

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Have a look at the "Invention of the Parking Meter"

This is a short pilot mokumentary from the satirical series.
The Unauthorized History of Inventions by Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz.

You might think that the parking meter was invented in 1935 by Carl C. Magee in Oklahoma City, OK. but when you watch the documentary you’ll be shocked to learn that the Parking Meter was actually found in the Sahara Desert, in the 15th century.


Did You Know?

The idea for the parking meter was developed in the early 1930s, when Carl Magee wanted to encourage frequent cycling of parking spaces in downtown Oklahoma City.

In 1935, the first parking meter was installed, and the idea quickly caught on elsewhere. The basic design of the parking meter did not vary terribly much in the next 50 years or so. A motorist inserted money and turned a lever, which activated a timer. When the timer was up, a red flag would appear, indicating that the meter had to expire and that the motorist needed to move or insert more money.
(Source: Wise Geek)

Parking Meter

Magee holds a patent (#2,118,318) for a "coin controlled parking meter," filed on May 13, 1935 and issued on May 24, 1938.
Enchanted Learning & The History of Parking Meters)


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