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Welcome to "On the Job"!

"On the Job" is an educational web site developed for Australian school students - Years 5-12.

"On The Job" is an online curriculum concept, blending online and offline activities into an understanding of employment and the modern workplace. 

The site consists of different components. They can be used independently or together. Let me introduce them to you. 


 The Full Job Listing is a list in alphabetical order of ALL the jobs listed!

Elevator Operator
The Elevator Operator indicates the Jobs of Yesteryear in Going, going, gone!

My Info Desk

My name is Florence and I am here to help you navigate around this Careers Mall.

My desk is the site map!
From here you can go any where in the site but you can always get back to me via my or Infobutton and I will be happy to help - we are open for business 24 hours a day!

My Info Desk

showing the Careers Information Categories

Retail & Hospitality Noticeboard of Jobs

Retail Index Page

Career Market

On my desk, you will notice 12 different category buttons all colour coded.

* Houses & Buildings (Yellow)
* Community & Health (Blue)
* Retail & Hospitality (Orange)
* Transport & Travel (Red)
* Environments (Green)
* Leisure & Entertainment (Bright Pink)
* Office & Administration (Purple)
* Research & Development (Deep Blue)
*Manufacturing & Production (Watermelon)
*Information, Media & Telecommunications (Aqua)
*Banking, Finance & Insurance (Dark Blue)
*Government & Defence (Khaki Green)

 These buttons will lead you to jobs that fall into that category.

Click on Retail & Hospitality, for example, and you will find the noticeboard looks like this opposite.

Select the Baker  Bakerfrom the picture and name.

How to Navigate Each Job's Pages
On the Job

Each Job has 3 - 4 pages


            Job InfoInformation,
              ActivitiesActivities and

all relating to the particular job.

As well, you will find Life on the Job"Life on the Job" which is a personal story also containing activities and links.


All these buttons are on the LEFT hand side of the page.


Button Description

Job Info

This button leads to the main Job Information page for the particular job.
Job Information

This page contains:

Links to other similar jobs and their information eg. Legal Secretary. (see below for the Personal Assistant)

Links to Related Jobs or Working with these Jobs in a table at the end of the page

The Type of Work categories

The Skill Level - 1 - 5 indicating the level of Education required

Future Growth [from Australian Government - JobOutlook] - Decline; Static; Moderate; Strong; or, Very Strong

Information under the following headings

Knowledge, skills and attributes
Duties and Tasks
Working Conditions
Tools and Technologies
Education and training/entrance requirements

Did You Know?


Here is example Info page - the Secretary or Personal Assistant.

Secretary or Personal Assistant

Example Personal Assistant



Click on this button [on the left hand side of the page] on each particular job page to get activities related to this job.


Activities for the Classroom or Home

These activities are based on the jobs that are described on the site and are both offline and online.

All offline activities can be carried out in the classroom or at home. They have "what you need" and instructions to show you what to do.

All activities have the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities that are associated with that job.

There will be Websites, Games & Apps as well.

Each activity is allocated a target year level:

PrimaryPrimary MiddleMiddle  High SchoolSecondary TeacherTeacher



Click on this button [on the left hand side of the page] on each particular job page. 
Links for this Job

This page displays links to Australian and some International Associations for this job.

There are also YouTube videos

Other Main Buttons on my Desk....

What's New       Teachers & Parents Cafe

Games Search

LOTJ   Contribute



Can be divided into the following 3 categories:

Famous or Historic People

Indigenous Famous or Historic People

Life on the Job
Life on the Job

Life on the Job

Real People, Real Experiences

"Life on the Job" reviews current and historical people's career paths through their experiences, opportunities, education and training and explores how people ended up in the jobs that they currently hold.

The addition of these life stories brings realism to the students' perception of careers. "Life on the Job" will seed new jobs for the site by people submitting their jobs and lives. Interesting reading for students, teachers and parents alike.

In addition, historical people's lives can be added to the site.... research some that are given or find your own and add it to the site. 

To use this section of the web site, students, teachers and parents can read "Life on the Job" experiences, submit a "Life on the Job", or submit information on an Historical or Famous Person's "Life on the Job". 

Detective Game

There are 4 games that can be played here at the moment incorporating 13 different jobs for each game.

 Each game takes students through different careers in order to "Solve the Mystery". 

Instructions to use the game can be found
What's New This shows the current year and what has been done on the website.


Lesson Plans

Technology websites small

Lesson Strategies

Job Clusters

All Activities

Teachers and Parents' Cafe

This is a place to explore!

There are a number of Teacher's Guides to a range of activities students can undertake.

Full Lesson Plans provided!

There are marvellous activities for students to do under the direction of parents or teachers.

Links to extra information on career information and background material that will enhance any lesson can also be discovered here.

There are also links to the FULL list of Activities, the target age level and the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities. This document is updated each time a new job is added or a previous job is updated with new activities. It is over 145 pages in length.

Different Lesson Strategies are provided here.


Resources used on this website for the information about each job.


Search Contents PageSearch our Site is a Google enhanced search function.

Just put in your search term and all references to that term will be displayed

We hope everyone will enjoy using this section!

You can give us feedback!

Contribute an exciting link!

Add a fun activity - it doesn't matter whether it is offline or online.....

Teachers.... Have you developed a web quest? We would love to hear from you

Parents... add your job... we will research it, add activities about it, add links and add it to our bank of jobs.


WebQuests for Community & Health

Other things to discover

WebQuests - Higher Order Thinking Activities involving Problem Based Learning

There are a number of WebQuests that students or teachers can use to extend a particular career.

Click here to see the full listing of WebQuests on this site.




The most important thing that we want you to do on this website -