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What is in the school's vending machine?

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Personal and social capabilityAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Personal and social capability

CriticalAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Critical and creative thinking

NumeracyAustralian Curriculum General Capability: Numeracy


1. In pairs, you are to go to the school's vending machine and list all the contents and their prices in an Excel spreadsheet.

Put the items from the vending machine into three categories (in another column):

a. Healthy

b. Junk Food

c. Not sure (give an explanation why you are not sure).

2. Create a survey for the students in your class to find out what the students consume each

a. day

b. week

c. month

d. term

from the vending machine. Add the term "Frequency" to your spreadsheet's columns.

3. In the survey, ask students if they would buy "Healthy" food only from the vending maching and what this food would be.

4. Ask the school's Bursar or the person in charge of the Canteen

a. What is the favourite item sold?

b. How many times does the vending machine need re-filling?

c. The amount of money made by the vending machine(s)?

Add this information to your spreadsheet.

5. Discussion

Discuss as a class, how you would change the vending machine content [if needed] and how you would market these changes to the rest of the school.


Healthy Choices
(Source: PRWeb)


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