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Plastics, Coat Hangers and Drycleaning

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1. "The Green Hanger™ is an Australian born product helping to ensure that clothes around the world are being well hung on coat hangers. Made from 100% recycled and biodegradable recyclable cardboard, the Green Hanger coat hanger is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to reduce their impact on the environment – whether at home or in business.

Currently, the environmentally friendly coat hangers can be found all over the globe including the US (North and South America), Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK and the Japan not to mention that we’ve supplied prestigious events like the national Clothing Exchange program, the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and the japanese Tokyo Design Week. So it’s exciting to think that so many people are embracing this little fashion icon!" (Source: Green Hanger)

Green Hanger

Look at the following video: Green Hanger - "Inside Business" - ABC, April 2007



And the 2013 Melbourne Design Awards: Finalist

Melbourne Design Awards

2. What do you think about these Green Hangers? Would you replace them in your cardboard? Why? Why not?

3. Go to your local Drycleaners and find out if they use wire hangers or Green Hangers. Ask why they use either one. Is it cost or the environment or both that they consider?

Find out the number of wire coat hangers they use each year and the cost for 5 wire hangers. How does it compare to the $3.95 for 5 Green Hangers?

4. Find out how much plastic is used for each garment or group of garments for protection after the garments are cleaned. What is the cost for each garment to be covered in plastic?

Find out if the drycleaner would use a more environmentally friendly product if it was available. Would they be prepared to pay a bit more for a product that didn't harm the environment as much as plastic? Why? Why not?

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