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Job Categories
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There are 12 Job Categories - found on the Info Desk.
Houses & Buildings
Community & Health
Leisure & Entertainment
Retail & Hospitality
Transport & Travel
Research & Development
Office & Administration
Government & Defence (added 2020)
Manufacturing & Production (added 2020)
Information, Media & Telecommunications (added 2020)
Banking, Finance & Insurance (added 2020)




Type of Work Categories 

On The Job

There are seven ‘type of work’ categories stated in the Job Guide: Each job within "On the Job" website has one or more of these 'type of work' categories on the information page.


Artistic or Creative Artistic or Creative

These occupations involve working with ideas to creatively express, present or perform them.

An appreciation of design, style, form, beauty or related concepts used to develop or interpret an idea is important.

Activities include writing, painting, singing, dancing, decorating, designing and performing.
Organising or Clerical Clerical or Organising

These occupations involve working with data to order, process or retrieve facts and figures, or to develop or administer policies and procedures.

Activities include organising, using or updating information (such as files or accounts), developing or following procedures or systems, and the planning, budgeting and staffing of an organisation.
Helping or Advising Helping or Advising

These occupations involve working with people to help, inform, teach or treat them.

Activities include discussing personal issues, listening to people’s problems and providing advice, instruction, information or treatment to meet their needs
Nature or Recreation Nature or Recreation

These occupations involve working with things in the natural world, such as conservation, handling animals, raising crops or livestock, or sport.

Activities include growing and caring for living things, or an involvement with sport, leisure or the environment.
Practical or Mechanical Practical or Mechanical

These occupations involve working with things, using the hands, or special tools or equipment to make, fix, install or adjust them.

Activities include practical and physical tasks, which may require an understanding of how equipment or machinery works.
Analytical or Scientific Scientific or Analytic

These occupations involve working with ideas to investigate or seek solutions to scientific, technical, social or other issues.

Activities include observing, researching, analysing and interpreting results.

The ability to develop theories, apply logic and explore abstract ideas in a specialist area of knowledge is important.
Service or Persuading Service or Persuading

These occupations involve working with people to sell to, influence, motivate, negotiate with or serve them.

Activities include selling, promoting or providing goods or services, bargaining, or presenting a point of view.


Future Growth
On The Job


These Future Growth categories are taken from the Australian Government - JobOutlook website.

We have created the graphics for quick and easy recognition across the website.

DeclineStaticModeratestrongVery strong

          Decline                     Static /Stable                    Moderate                      Strong                       Very Strong



On The Job

This PDF is the ANZSCO 2006 version. It shows the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations and their numbers.

We have started to list these numbers and descriptions [2021] as we update the jobs listed.

Here is the PDF



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